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Research Network "Norm and Narration in Ancient Societies"

The research network "Norm and Narration in Ancient Societies" organises researchers from a broad range of disciplines from the field of Ancient Studies, including Oriental Philology, Egyptology, Coptology, Ancient History, Classical Philology, Bible Studies, Patrology, as well as Jewish and Islam Studies. The network's central concern is with issues of norm establishment, tradition and criticism in and by narrative texts. It is further interested in investigating ancient societies as to their relationships between practice on the one hand and narrative and legal texts on the other. To do so, narratological theory and categories of analysis shall be applied to ancient texts. Achievements in the study of ancient law shall further be tested as to their interdisciplinary, systematic applicability. The project's aim is to produce a substantial volume capable of providing an overview of the various narrative forms of norm establishment, tradition, and criticism in the cultural area of the ancient Mediterranean.


Dr. Christian Reitzenstein-Ronning