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  • Chora of Pergamon

    Stadtmauer von Atarneus

    Project directed by Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmermann as part of the SPP "Hellenistic Polis". The project's aim is to study the rural settlement structure around Pergamon in the Hellenistic period. To do so, settlement patterns and interrelations are to be reconstructed and their historical development assessed. Particular interest is due to the relationship between the central city and its neighbours. more

  • DFG Priority Programme "The Hellenistic Polis as a Living Space" (concluded)


    The Department of Ancient History at the LMU plays a leading role in the Priority Programme "The Hellenistic Polis as a Living Space", funded by the DFG. more

  • Harbour Towns in Lycia

    Heroon Lykien

    Studying historical processes of acculturation presupposes clearly delimited cultural groups. The region of Lycia in Asia Minor offers good preconditions for an analysis of ancient processes of acculturation since the epichoric Lycian culture can be reconstructed relatively well. In the study of these processes, harbour towns play particularly important role. more

  • Violence in Antiquity

    Zimmermann, Gewalt in der Antike

    Physical violence is a universal cultural feature and in evidence throughout history. Surveying the history of mankind reveals no improvement. Nonetheless, the forms and extent of violence are subject to historical change. The project aims to understand the ways in which extreme forms of violence are prohibited and permitted, as well as thematised in media, in order to reveal very specific cultural rules and patterns of organisation. more

  • Xanthiaca. Poleis, Sanctuaries and Territories in the Xanthos Valley during the Graeco-Roman Period


    A German and French team directed by Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmermann (LMU Munich) and Prof. Jacques des Courtils (University of Bordeaux) is conducting a cooperative study of the settlement history of Lycia, with particular emphasis of the Xanthos valley. The project is funded by DFG and ANR with around one million euros. more